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As the Trail Maintenance and Trail Liaison committee chairperson (with assistance from Rick Abradi), I would like to inform you that we have scheduled our first trail maintenance day for this upcoming spring. We have worked with the Bradbury State Park personnel and have planned on April 9, 2016 @ 9:00am to meet at the pavilion adjacent to the park playground.

Please email me if you can attend as we will need to plan our work around the number of volunteers we have for that day. My email address is john.rodrigue1177 at gmail dot com.

We will also be scheduling another work day in the fall and will send out a notice as that season grows near.

It may be necessary for us to plan other trail maintenance days if the need arises and the park could use our help. Along with that, we will eventually be looking to expand our efforts to other trail systems that Trail Monsters utilize to show our commitment and good faith in keeping the trails we run in good condition and safe for all users. More to come on those efforts, stay tuned.

Along with our current trail maintenance responsibilities with our two adopted trails, Terrace & South Ridge Trails, we are looking to branch out to other trails within the park. To assist us in creating a work list, we are asking that you keep an eye out for any trail maintenance issues. So, while you are out on the trails running, walking, hiking, volunteering and observe anything that need attention, please let us know by sending me an email with a location and explanation. Doing so will help us decide if it is a job for the park staff or something we can add to our work list.

Here’s an example: Lanzo Trail roughly .2 miles in from Link Trail there is a downed tree about 12″ in diameter crossing the trail.

Another example: Terrace Trail at the base near Ski Trail there is a deep washout from the last rain storm.

Please save my email address and let me know if you can attend on the April 9, 2016 Bradbury trail maintenance work day and also to inform us of any trail issues.

Last year was a great one for trail maintenance and we hope to have another outstanding year keeping our trails in great shape. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and Trail Monsters rock.

John (Halfbomb)

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