Trail Monster Running hosts regular Old School Group Runs (OSGR or affectionately, Oscar) on Sundays at 9am, and Saturday Group runs (times and locations announced weekly),  with additional runs scheduled through the TMR Forum or our FaceBook page. Anyone with a serious interest in trail running is welcome to join us as long as you aren’t afraid to get your feet wet. Our groups have a wide range of ages, paces and abilities represented.

Saturday  – Location and time announced weekly

  • Each week a different Trail Monster will lead a group run at a location of their choice.  It can be any type of run – an adventure run, a long run, a mountain run/hike, a fast paced trail run, or even an easy Brad run.
  • Saturday June 19th at 7am Our first run back will be in the Whites, led by Bucky.  Meet at Baldface Circle/Emerald Pool trail parking.
    Duration:  19 Miles or approximately 5 hours (or less) for the entire loop.  Options for shorter loops of 10 miles and 12-13 miles available.  
    From Bucky:  The plan is to do a long loop starting up Slippery Brook Trail to South Baldface summit.  We will continue on to hit North Baldface and move toward Eagle Craig. This is what is known as the Baldface Trail loop.  Runners will be rewarded with a couple of small stream crossings, a few steep places for fun scrambling, and fantastic views (assuming it is a clear day) of the taller whites including Mount Washington.   For the first 6 miles I will be doing an OSGR style run (i.e. no person left behind).  After this point, those wishing to complete a 9-10 mile run can return the 3 1/2 miles down the Baldface Trail and complete the loop back to parking.  I highly recommend a jump off the small ledge into Emerald Pool on your way back to the car (less than a mile from the parking lot). For those who are training for longer races, like myself, or you just feel like running longer, you are welcome to continue on the remainder of the loop.  However, I ask anyone that continues on to be prepared with route knowledge and gear for a self-supporting solo running.  I will be putting in a more mod/hard effort for the last 13ish miles and do not want to feel responsible for other runners during this time.  The remainder of the loop will consist of taking the ridge to Mount Meader, and the rim trail to ascend West Royce.  After West Royce I will go down Royce trail and link on to a publicly authorized  snowmobile trail (yes, there are signs indicating such) at Bricket Place. The snowmobile trail and a dirt road will take us to another trail system (leach trail to Deer Hill Trails) returning us back to the parking area. I have posted the strava full loop on the Trail Monster facebook page and I also have the gpx file if anyone wants it for another application.  Please message me on facebook messenger or email [email protected] with any questions.  If folks could be so kind as to either comment on my facebook post, PM, or email me that would be great with your intention to join and for what distance, so I can get a rough head count. 

Sunday  – OSGR

  • Miles vary, but there are always way to cut it short if the OSGR has more on its plate than you want.  OSGR makes it work for runners of all paces.  Expect the normal runs to be 6 to 8 miles unless posted.  While OSGR is normally at Bradbury Mountain, we may occasionally mix it up.  Check here weekly.
  • June 20th, 9:00am – We’ll be running 7ish miles at hilly Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary.  We ran this last week and no one reported caterpillar rash!  The 27th we’ll head back to Bradbury. 

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