Trail Monster Running is a group of trail runners based in Southern Maine who enjoy sharing our passion for the outdoors with others. We host regular group runs, Fat Ass events and races throughout the year to bring together members of the trail running community. From 5k cross country races to 100 milers, Trail Monsters run them all.

A Trail Monster is someone who NEEDS to run trails. We’re not talking about the people who like to run trails once in a while, or the ones who show up only when it’s not too muddy. We’re talking about the people who are out there every week, all year long, not despite of the conditions, but because of the conditions. We are runners who thrive on the experience of moving outdoors, and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. There is no rain too heavy, mud too thick, snow too deep, or hill too big that a Trail Monster won’t run.

Anyone with an interest in trail running is welcome to join us for any of our group runs, we welcome trail runners of all abilities, but becoming a Trail Monster takes something extra. Trail Monsters are actively engaged in the trail running community by volunteering at races, participating in trail maintenance, hosting group runs and consistently demonstrating their love of trail running.


Membership dues are paid in the form of sweat and blood on the trails and are collected on a weekly basis. Those interested in becoming a Trail Monster are encouraged to join us for group runs, or show up at a race and let us know that you’re as passionate about trail running as we are. It’s not about how fast you run, it’s about running with heart. Trail Monster Running membership is for life, and for this reason it is not bestowed lightly. Membership must be earned, and prospective members must demonstrate their interest in being part of our community of trail runners.

To earn the right to wear the Trail Monster shirt and represent us on the trails – at races or anywhere else – you must prove your passion for trail running. It’s not as easy as sending in a check once a year. Being a Trail Monster is more than that. However, if you truly love trails then you’re already most of the way there.

Joining us for group runs is the best way to show us that you’re interested in being part of Trail Monster Running. Beyond showing up to group runs and races, it is important that TMR members give back to the trail running community in some way. Whatever works for you. You’ll see us volunteering at races and maintaining trails. Behind the scenes, we maintain our informative website, build partnerships and organize races. Some people bake goodies for a post-race party, make soup for an aid station, or make amazing adirondack chairs for all the races . These are all ways to give back to the trail running community. We’re also looking for more than a promise that you’ll do something in the future, but a demonstration that you are already making a commitment to the trail running community.  Following through on that commitment in the future should be a given.


  • RACES – Volunteers are key to the success of our races. We depend on the generous help of many volunteers to make each race happen, from course marking before the race, to registration, aid stations and finish line support during the race, to course pick-up after the race.
  • TRAIL WORK – As responsible users of public and private land we encourage members to get involved with the creation and maintenance of their own LOCAL TRAILSTrail Monster Running has adopted several trails at Bradbury Mountain State Park: Terrace, Bluff and South Ridge. Several trail maintenance days are planned throughout the year to keep our trails in good shape. See our CALENDAR for dates and times.
  • TMR WEBSITE – We’re always looking for race reports and product reviews from members, as well as updates to our calendar of area trail races.


  • GROUP RUN – All members will lead a Saturday group run at some point.  Our regularly scheduled GROUP RUNS are the way for potential TMs to get to know the group, and for current members to stay connected.  Everyone is encouraged to post runs in addition to the scheduled runs on the TMR Facebook page or the TMR Forum .  Want company on that run early Tuesday morning, just get it out there!
  • RACE – We love to see new trail, cross country, ultra-distance and snowshoe races in our area, let us know if you have an idea for a trail race or if you want to see your event promoted on our site. CONTACT US for more information.
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