Aug 152011

by Ann Alexion – Luckily the stick broke!

Sunday we ran the Bradbury Breaker.

The race capped at 160 and a friendly and excited sell out crowd was on hand. It was great seeing everyone prior to the race. I even purchased my first pair of Inov’s from Ian. Hopefully, I’ll be running like Emma soon! 🙂 It was also nice to see Diana and Syn from NH. I introduced myself to Diane at Loon Mtn. after seeing her at the Mountain Series races and I mentioned to her the Bradbury Dirt series. I was pleased to see they made the trip to Maine to run!

After a week with a weird motion sickness thing going on, I was told by my drs. office not to run. During the week, George volunteered to run with me because of it. Fortunately, it was gone by Friday, so running it was. It’s also important to note, my drs. office called back Monday, my regular dr. wasn’t in last week. She advised as long as I was feeling better I could run and didn’t realize the race had past.

Luckily the stick George found to swat me with when I slowed down during the race broke before we started. We started back of the pack and coincidentally finished the same. 🙂 We ran with Kate for awhile. She and George talked about their trip to PEI and the exciting year ahead for her and Jamie. The first loop seemed to go by pretty well and I was surprised I recognized some of the course from the Snow series and past years.

The second loop was a bit tougher, wishing I had remembered Gu or something because I felt like I could have used something during that loop. Although I was thinking more a sandwich and a Coke, Gu probably would have helped. The most fun on that loop was running with Linda and especially her cries to George to carry her up the mountain. Unfortunately he didn’t hear her yelling for him. If he had heard her, he would have happily carried her up! I don’t think there are any rules against muling in this race, so I’m sure it would have been fine. 🙂 Towards the end, despite George’s urging to run faster, I seemed to be out of anything that could have fit into that category, but was happy to finish with no bumps, bruises and particularly no bee stings. Poor Kate, she was for sure attacked by an angry bee!

As all the races in this series, it was a great time and challenge. Many peeps had really great runs that day. Thanks always to all the work that goes into to putting on the race and providing the best tee shirts of any races around! Maybe next time, I’ll run like Emma! 🙂

I did eventually get the sandwich and Coke after the race at the famous Edna and Lucy’s. Totally yum and totally fun to spend time with best of the best people!

Keep dreaming!


  2 Responses to “Bradbury Mountain Breaker – Ann Alexion”

  1. Just wanted to say HI… Wish I could be running with your bunch… but those days are past, but it did sound like fun…

    I have a Google Alert for “Alexion” the Pharma company, but you pop up…

    Have a great time running… It’s the way to go…

    Andy (AZ)

  2. Congrats on your race Ann, loved reading your report, you made me smile a lot. Hope you like the new shoes. Look forward to seeing you and George soon.

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