Jul 162013

by Danielle Triffitt – It was a bit of an off day for me today. I knew right from the start, as I was running down the hill with people whizzing by me, that I didn’t quite have it. The mental focus I would need to really run well simply was nowhere to be found. I’m not saying I wasn’t running fairly hard, but I felt lackluster out there. I did at least manage to find a bit of competitive nature in myself at the end, when I passed a guy back on hill on the Knight Woods trail after he passed me going down the Snowmobile trail, and then absolutely did not want him to pass me right at the finish, but otherwise, I sort of felt like I was just out for a run where I was working but didn’t want to go 100%. And despite ending up winning my age group (thank you to Wicked Joe for the yummy smelling coffee), which I know I should never knock, I don’t actually feel like I did a good job racing today. I was well off my Scuffle PR, and like I said, I just didn’t have that competitive fire burning today. Perhaps I should be racing more? Or less? Or maybe doing some speed or hill training? Or perhaps move somewhere where there is no humidity? Or any or all of the above 🙂 Ah well, some days you just don’t have it. But d*#n, I hope I can get my act together next month and do a better job pushing myself out there on the mountain side!

Many thanks, as always, to the Trail Monsters and volunteers, and Ryan and Ian in particular, for organizing and putting on a wonderful race. I hope the poor guy who had heat exhaustion out on the trail today during the race is OK, but I know that he was in good hands throughout the whole incident, and it was awesome to hear the stories of runners staying with him and helping him out. Runners are good people for sure.

45/145; 5th woman