Aug 062012

by Ann Alexion – Today we ran the Bradbury Breaker.  This is the second race in the series.  As with the Scuffle,  the atmosphere at the start is really fun.  It just seems everyone at that start is just happy, chatting away and ready to get into the second race of the series.

I was hoping I’d be able to stick with Jerry again this race, so when I asked him what was up for him today, it seemed that we may be able to match pace again.  Yippee for me!

Although it was hot and humid, I don’t know, I just felt good.  Throughout the race there was a nice cloud cover and it seemed as though there was a nice breeze while on the trails.  Did I imagine this, maybe, but I don’t think so. I felt great the whole race, remembering to take a Gu with me for the second half.  Last year, I had forgotten and remember all I could think of was getting a sandwich at Edna and Lucy’s after the race.  We ran throughout the race chatting a bit, but we were sure to keep our eyes to the ground to avoid an falls.  Linda was part of the pack for awhile and it was fun.  I really enjoyed trekking up the mountain 4 times and I was pleased that I felt better than I remembered feeling last year.  The first time up was so much fun, it seemed as though there was a lot of spectator support up there this year.  I enjoyed seeing Dora in her directing spot as other years and Emma on our second trip up.  So cool, she popped up there after she finished her own awesome race.

As we started our second loop, the top amazing runners were finishing their race.  It was really exciting to see them fly by us, but at the same time still take the time to acknowledge us as we acknowledged them.

The race support was great.  Water stops volunteers were awesome.  Ian and Ryan organize a great race and luckily Mindy didn’t have to wrangle any bandits this time.  George also was awarded Best Break for a nasty scrape he got slipping on a wet rock.  Although not an award one aspires to, but an award just the same.  🙂  Luckily I work from home tomorrow and you will find me proudly wearing my perfect fitting maybe best one yet tee shirt!

With a feeling good back of the pack finish for the 9 miles, I’m looking forward to the next up, The Bruiser!

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