Aug 092011

On Friday, August 5th a group of 12 runners, including 5 Trail Monsters, set off in an attempt to cover the entire 100 Mile Wilderness in under 48 hours. Although no one expected it to be easy everyone seemed to have underestimated the difficulty of the technical terrain, and in the end only 4 runners managed to complete the full distance.

Ryan Welts 30:48:30 (new record)
Adam Wilcox 30:48:30 (new record)
Hogan Marquis 37:51:42
Joe Wrobleski 43:15:00 (self supported)
Justin Contois DNF 85.1 miles
Nate Hallowell DNF 85.1 miles
Emma Barclay DNF 69.5 miles
Jeremy Bonnett DNF 69.5 miles
Ian Parlin DNF 69.5 miles
Julian Jamison DNF 54.7 miles
Roger Marquis DNF 40.9 miles
Jason Smith DNF 40.9 miles


Runners were met by their own support crew at up to 5 locations along the trail to refuel, and to have the opportunity to get out of the Wilderness if they decided they couldn’t continue.

This event wasn’t a race, for some it was an attempt at setting a new speed record on this section of the Appalachian Trail, but for most it was a personal challenge of pushing themselves against the rugged Maine wilderness.

  4 Responses to “Maine 100 Mile Wilderness Run”

  1. Is this going to be a yearly event? I maybe blind but I can’t find any other information on this run. Can someone let me know?

  2. […] ever since getting into this game. And at some point during the year I’ll go back and try the maine 100-mile wilderness section of the appalachian trail (which I failed last year) with a couple of other […]

  3. Wrobleski is in a class by himself and deserves the highest praise. Self-supported should
    Be a requirement to all who attempt it. It will be the only record that I will

  4. excellent job guys especially Wrobleski…that’s the record to beat 100 miler zero support bad ass…well done

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