Apr 262011

Trail Monster Running will be leading two trail runs during the first annual Topsham Trail Day on Sunday, May 15. Runs will be approximately 5 and 12 miles and begin at 8:30am at the Mt. Ararat High School track parking lot. Press release from the Greater Topsham Trail Alliance follows.


The Greater Topsham Trail Alliance will welcome the opening of area trails, Sunday May 15th, with a day of runs, hikes and public service. The day starts with two runs, continues with a hike on a new trail along the Cathance River. The day ends with an exploration of the route of the Androscoggin Multi-use Trail Extension. Along the way there will be an opportunity to help clean private property in a popular trail area.

Two trail runs will be led by Trail Monster Running, Maine’s only trail running club. Runs will be approximately 5 and 12 miles in length. The 12-mile run will be a loop including ATV trails, singletrack, dirt roads and the Cathance River Trails, and the 5-mile run will explore the trails around Mt. Ararat High School and the Cathance River Preserve. Both runs will be at an easy to moderate pace and are not for beginner runners. Participants should be in good physical condition and comfortable running on hilly and uneven terrain. The runs start at 8:30 am at Mt Ararat HS track parking lot. Call 837-5045 for more information.

Discover a new hiking trail along the Cathance River. This trail will ultimately connect the Head of Tide Park with the Cathance River Preserve. There is more than a mile of trail along the river already built with many hours of volunteer time. Hike will start at 1:00 pm at Beechwood Drive where the railroad tracks cross the road. Parking is available along Beechwood Dr. Call 725-6955 for more information.

Some of the most popular trails in Topsham run between Bay Park and the Topsham Recycling Center. They are maintained by the Topsham Trail Riders for all users. Due to their popularity a fair amount of trash has accumulated on private property. Let’s do our part in cleaning up the trails. Meet at corner of Lover’s Lane and Bay Park Dr. at 2 pm to help with the cleanup.

Explore the route of the Androscoggin Multi-use Trail Extension. Starting at 3 pm from the Topsham Town Office we’ll hike and bushwhack our way along the final design route of the trail. Come see the challenges that the designers have had to overcome. We’ll return via the hiking trails created by The Highlands. Waterproof hiking boots are recommended. We’ll encounter some steep terrain and two small steam crossings. Approximate time 1.5 hours. Call 729-9880 for more information.

In case of heavy rain some activities may be delayed until the Sunday May 22.