Sep 232013

by Jamie Anderson – Another Bradbury series in the books, despite not doing much running (more on that shortly). Plan today was not to race it from the get-go, but rather do a progression run and try to gain as much ground as possible.

That went well. What didn’t go so well was my time or placing. I had still hoped to come in before 1:50, but finished in just over 1:54 and I think in 44th place. Last year, I came in at 1:50, despite taking two bio breaks and then lightly running the last half. Ugh. I couldn’t even break that time? Grrr.

But perspective is everything. First, let’s look at my mileage by week for the past few months:
9-15: 34.4 miles
9-8: 32.6 miles
9-1: 25.5 miles
8-25: 12.5 miles
8-18: 11.3 miles
8-11: 27.7 miles
8-4: 39 miles
7-28: 9.6 miles
7-21: 0 miles

Average = 21.4 miles/week. Pfffft.

Need I say more? Okay, I will. Not much speed work in there either. Not much at all.

Keeping that in mind, it’s pretty easy to accurately label today as another stepping stone. I’m officially in the Boston Marathon for 2014. Will continue on track and be ready to seamlessly enter the training cycle and kick arse there. Prior to that, there’s snowshoe racing season as well. Bring it.

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