May 312012

by Jamie Anderson –

What’s up with this heat following me around to all of the races lately? Today was no different. However, I fared pretty well. Goals were to break 41 minutes and top 10. Given the heat, the time goal had much less significance to me since it’d slow almost everyone down to some degree (times were much faster last year). But very happy to meet the placing goal and come in 9th place overall out of 302 finishers.

Pre Race:
Kate and I got there about an hour and a half before the race start so we could shoot some video for the event and allow plenty of time for my warm-up. Warmed up with Scott H. and Ryan. Legs didn’t feel too peppy because of the heat and I knew today was going to be tough.

The Race:
Miles 1-2:
Lined up at the front and once we were off I was in around 10th place, give or take. Pushed the pace and was with Scott H. and Jeff. Goal from the get-go was to try and ride Scott’s shoulder but he began to pull ahead and staying with him would have taken too much effort. Drat.

Courtesy: Maine Running Photos.
Me, Scott and Jeff about a mile or so in.


Courtesy: Maine Running Photos

Miles 3-4:
Felt like dog poop now as the heat began to take it’s toll. So hot. However, it appeared to be affecting everyone else as well. Was holding my place and leap frogging with Jeff a bit, but he was mostly ahead of me.

Miles 5-6.2:
Passed two guys and was passed by the first woman, who was running steadily and showing no signs of struggle. Managed to pass by Jeff here with maybe about a mile left, but I knew he would never be too far behind so that was a good push.

Approached the finish area and crossed the line in 43:46. Slower than I wanted so I was disappointed at first. Kate told me she thought I was tenth place. I told her I had counted more and thought I was 11th or 12th at best. I was wrong, very happy to see I was in 9th.

That made me feel a lot better. I needed some vindication after the heat at Boston and the stomach flu at Sugarloaf. I feel like I’ve gotten it. For me, top ten is always awesome.

Post Race
Hung out with Scott in the mist tent (great idea) and petted some very cool dogs that had just run the 5K canicross. I fell in love with a large, friendly malamut in particular. Hmmmmm.

Jeff came up and asked “Are we going to run a cool down or what?”. Was very glad he did so, I had totally forgotten! So Jeff and I trotted along slowly over on the Oak Hill side and chit chatted. Got back and hung out some more before heading home.

Very much looking forward to tomorrow. It’ll be Kate’s day as she is running her first 50K! Weather looks about as perfect as it can get tomorrow (high of 70) so very glad she’s getting the better day, weather wise.

Ran 6.2 miles @ 7:02/mile pace.
Time: 43:46
Overall: 9th out of 302.
AG (40-49) 3rd out of 47.
Very hilly.
Upper 70s, sunny, humid.
New Balance MT110, shorts.

w/u Ran 2.9 miles @ 8:42/mile pace.
c/d Ran 1.5 miles @ 10:28/mile pace.

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