Mar 052012

by Ann Alexion –


The Bradbury Snow Series was outstanding! The amazing part of this series was for a Winter with not much snow, Ryan actually was able to carve out a course for each race. Almost by divine intervention, we actually did have a blizzard on Thursday. Although it rained Saturday, Ryan and Ian found a great course!

As always, I lined up at the back of the pack, happy to be wearing, my Emma lended TMR shirt! I started happy and as I finished George told me to channel my ”inner Emma.” I did the best I could channelling and was pleased and finished to a great group of cheers from a special group of people of which all I admire and they each inspire me in so many ways!

My usual company along the way at some points in the Bradbury races, dirt and snow, seemed to be on the chase to beat Jerry and I think they were all pretty successful in hanging with him most of the way. I ended up running the race by myself which was great training for Pineland. Although my legs at times didn’t seem to want to go ”fast”, I just kept pretending I was at the last loop at Pineland. George as promised showed up at 4 miles or so and ran with me to the finish. His constant encouraging was welcomed today and he said he was surprised, I didn’t whine a bit. I had fun throughout and was totally amazed and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful course. The great day, was topped off by an awesome Blizzard Tee Shirt, a Bada$$ Atayne shirt, good fun chatting with Linda, Bob and others after and a last minute decision to stop at Edna and Lucy’s for the best of best sammies. George of course ate his sandwich as we drove down 95 and split mine with me when we got home.

Big Kudos to Kate, Blaine and Erin for taking amazing pics. Congrats to Emma for winning the woman’s race. I did for a short second on the course see her as some of the leaders were in eye range somehow as I looped through the course. She looked strong and fast! Also, I am hoping Danielle is feeling better. I was so sorry to see this morning on FB she wasn’t going to make the race. She is truly one Bradbury Bada$$. As always, Linda, Val, Mindy and Bruce (Rick) and others, RD Ryan and Ian make it happen. I am so grateful! Thanks for a great day!

A great way to end the for spring!

Keep dreaming!